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Get more responses from top candidates with interactive webpages

Recruiters on the cutting edge use Qwilr to create unique job ads that get the attention of top candidates.

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Stand out from the crowd with job profiles as web pages

Top candidates are inundated with LinkedIn messages and emails that all look the same. Create an impressive experience that gets top talent to take notice with Qwilr Pages that are beautiful and unique, boosted with dynamic and embedded content, and viewable from any device.


Customize outreach in half the time

Create tailored documents at lightning speed with Qwilr's simple editor and modular building blocks. Start with an easy-to-use template and use our automation to personalize at scale.

Move conversations forward & hire faster

Page notifications let you know as soon as a candidate has viewed your document. Analytics give you real-time insights about how and when they’re engaging with it. Know exactly when to follow up with engaged candidates and stop wasting time on the ones who’ve gone cold.


Strengthen your employment brand

When it comes to showcasing a company’s story and culture, traditional job ads fall short. Show engaging content that humanizes your team and drives your unique values home. Selling your business as the future of your industry? Reinforce your position as an innovator with a fresh approach to recruiting.

“We're able to drive engagement with A-grade talent — the type of candidate that is otherwise very difficult to attract. Qwilr unlocked their curiosity about a new opportunity because it was delivered so professionally.”

Nick Ingall

Founder & Talent Partner, The Lab 17

Nick Ingall

Frequently asked questions

Using Qwilr, recruiters can create a great looking job advertisement as an interactive web page. Including the job title, description of the company, duties and responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and more in one beautiful looking page. 

Qwilr gives you page notifications to let you know as soon as someone has viewed your page. And you can even initiate job contracts through them to get candidates to accept job offers. 

One great way to catch the eye of a potential prospect is through personalization. With Qwilr, you can make every job profile feel uniquely tailored to them, by delivering a personalized web page. 

Start winning with Qwilr today

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