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Your competitive advantage is here. Create an interactive ROI calculator to visualize your product's value in just a few clicks. Included free with your Qwilr account. Try it now!

ROI calculator
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Professionally designed templates

Select from pre-designed ROI calculator templates or create your own

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Personalize with ease

Choose your fonts, colors, and images to reflect your brand

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Prove your impact

Show buyers the impact of working with you!

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Our conversion rate has gone up from 5% to 20% since using Qwilr

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Explore our ROI Calculator Gallery

From visualizing cost savings to efficiency gains to time or a percentage saved, Qwilr's ROI calculators can be customized to reflect your unique value.

Cost savings

An ROI calculator is most commonly used to display the hard dollar savings and why your product or service makes good financial sense.

Resource gains

Use an ROI calculator to demonstrate the efficiency gained by outsourcing vs. hiring.

Efficiency improvements

An ROI calculator is a practical way to visualize efficiencies gained by moving from manual to automated processes.

Percentage advantages

When numbers don't convey your savings, turn it into a percentage saved ROI calculation.

Time savings

Display the hours saved daily, monthly or annually with a time-based ROI calculator.

Sunk costs

Show buyers how much they're currently spending on unnecessary tech, products, or services.

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